Looking for the Best Food Shield Design? Spec-Shield™ is the CLEAR CHOICE.

Why Choose Eagle Spec-Shield™?  Here's the Eagle Advantage

If a restaurant or cafeteria isn’t doing all it can to protect its food, germs can spread sickness and affect your customers, and negative comments can spread through social media and affect both current and potential customers. All of which affects your bottom line.




The unique design of Eagle’s SpecShield® Adjustable Food Shields, which holds three separate patents, allows you to easily adjust the height and angle of the glass panels (without the use of tools) to best match your service style. SpecShield® has no holes in glass panels, allowing for flexibility in mounting locations, making installation simpler and allowing for easy adjustments in the field.

Spec-Shield™ Food Shields

Unique patented design holds THREE patents!

A Variety of Configurations Available to Meet Your Needs

Available as self service and cafeteria configurations, SpecShield® food shields bring another unique Eagle advantage to our product offering and offers you a clear benefit over others in the marketplace.



Learn more about the unique design of Spec-Shield™ and the variety of configurations offered.