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Use the handy links below to track your shipment using your tracking or pro number.

A. Duie Pyle

Old Dominion

Pitt Ohio

Saia Freight

TForce Freight


Freight and Shipping

Clayton, Delaware

Yes, arrangements can be made with your Eagle Account Specialist to pick up your order. Pick up hours are 7:00 am – 3:30 pm Mon-Friday

You will receive an automated shipping notification from Eagle when your order ships.  An email will be sent to the person of record for the order with details such as carrier name and tracking information. 

Autoquotes is updated daily with tracking information.   Or visit our Freight Carrier Links to track your shipment.

Liftgate is required for offload when a loading dock is not available.

Contact your Eagle Account Specialist to request a shipping quote.  

Yes, we can ship package service or common carrier to Canada. If you need a quote, contact your Eagle Account Specialist.  

We ship to your US-based freight forwarder. Your forwarder would then transport the order to the final destination.