Designed to keep your food prep rolling

Patented Design, compact portable and rugged.

For the design of Eagle’s patented Mobile Prep Table, we partnered with an expert source, a foodservice consultant. The result is an innovation that will make your food prep run more smoothly, and your entire kitchen process more efficient. Do your prep work where it fits your needs not in a fixed location away from the action.


It’s all about making cutting and draining easier and quicker. With surfaces slanted just right for drainage, knives and pans are within perfect reach.  Attention to ergonomics puts your hands in a great position for fast knife action allowing you to work quickly and effortlessly.


Eagle Mobile Prep Tables

Keeps your food prep rolling.

Plus, when paired with a wall-mountable ozone unit, this table can be all the more quickly cleaned and sanitized, reducing labor and cleaning times.  Simply remove the cutting board, hose down with Ozone and pop in the new board.

Drainage goes via the recessed rear trough into a removable 22-gallon waste tank (with drain) on the stainless steel shelf beneath.  Position the drain over a floor sink or drain for easy waste removal.


To prevent cross-contamination the cutting boards are color-coded: red for raw meat, blue for fish, green for fruits and vegetables.



And it’s all on a sturdy, rugged frame built to withstand even the most tumultuous kitchen environments.  The unit allows you to do prep work where you want to be.  Pull it near the cook line if you need to tend to products being produced.  Pull it in the walk-in for fish and meat cutting activity to keep things cold while you work.  Use it in areas where space is tight and once finished push it back to its parking area.


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