Elite Series Counters - Our Counters, Your Way!

Eagle Elite Series Serving Counters can help bring your vision to life. 

Our Counters - Your Way!

Elite Series Counters are an innovative way to design and build a counter that suits your needs as well as your sensibilities. We created this line to enable customers to achieve the look they want without any sacrifice to functionality.


If you can dream it up, Eagle can make it a reality with our Elite Series Counters. Choose from a wide selection of tops: stainless steel, solid surface,stone and more.  Front panel materials? Plenty to choose from: Laminate, natural woods, stainless steel, graphic wraps, logo branded, powder coated and more. 

Eagle Elite Series Counters

The Counterpoint to Boring Counters

Materials? Plenty to choose from: Laminate, natural woods, stainless steel, brushed aluminum, powder coated and more.

Add removable kick plates, tray slides, beverage troughs, square or round tubing, graphics or logos, sneeze guards, four-wheel-drive, you name it. Okay maybe not four-wheel drive, but you get the idea.


Many of our hand sinks are available with our exclusive MicroGARD® option. The MicroGARD® antimicrobial finish is an antimicrobial agent which contains built-in protection to retard the growth of a broad range of bacteria, mold and mildew on surfaces that causes stains, odors and degradation. Eagle’s MicroGard® combines inorganic antimicrobial silver ions with a patented delivery system.  Our inorganic compound is guaranteed to work for life.