Custom refrigeration from Eagle where even the price meets your specs.

The word custom doesn’t have to mean costly — it doesn’t even have to mean a lengthy waiting period, thanks to Eagle’s SpecFAB customized refrigeration units. They’re engineered to simplify the often tricky challenge of fabricating components to fit into a particular chef’s counter or serving counter configuration.

Eagle Custom Refrigeration

Custom designed with price and efficiency in mind.

Depending on your needs, we can build custom configurations from scratch, or design prefab modular components. This flexibility allows us to deliver custom equipment more quickly and at a lower cost.You see, we invested in the most sophisticated manufacturing systems, so each and every custom piece is consistent — and we can make multiple pieces with repeat precision.


In addition, we can use superior prefab modular components in our custom configurations. In this way we can custom-fit and custom-build equipment while passing along important cost savings on to you.



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