Eagle Group

The EAGLE Advantage

How Do YOU Profit from the Eagle Advantage?

We have more than 18,000 ways to lower your costs and increase your profit.

Eagle manufactures the broadest array of foodservice equipment in the United States, as well as comprehensive lines of material handling equipment, display/merchandising equipment for retail and supermarkets, cleanroom and healthcare - over 18,000 products from a single efficient plant in Clayton, Delaware. Everything from wire shelving to sinks to warming ovens to catheter procedure carts.

So you can order a whole restaurant full of equipment with one purchase order, to arrive on a single truck (if that's the way you want it), delivered right to your loading dock or job site. No waiting for this or that piece from this or that manufacturer. No multiple purchase orders and multiple payment terms.

You'll discover the Eagle Advantage can save you up to 12% or more in administrative, freight, receiving and installation costs. That's 12% or more that flows directly to the bottom line!

Broadline Manufacturing Isn't the Only Eagle Advantage

The first thing you'll notice when you order from Eagle "even before you receive your order” is how easy it is to get first-class customer service. You'll receive real-time access to the status of your order and instant order entry and processing - for inventories, manufacturing schedule, shipping status, and delivery date. The same goes for a history of your purchases or any other information you might wish to know. And whenever you have a question, there's a real person to answer, either out in the field or right here in the plant.

When you receive your equipment, you'll notice something else - every piece is uniquely designed, uniquely crafted. Eagle is one of the few equipment manufacturers to employ Pro/ENGINEERING. solid modeling software. Utilizing parametric principles, this software enables Eagle to speed up the design process and incorporate the highest degree of quality control into both design and production. You'll see the advantage in innovative design and flawless construction that stands the test of time. But you'll also get the advantage of quicker turnaround and the lower costs associated with greater efficiency. (If you have any doubt, you should know Eagle has more NSF approvals than any other equipment manufacturer in the field.)

The efficiencies Eagle achieves in manufacturing adds up to yet another advantage, not just for you, but for everyone. It's reflected in our ECO-Built label, which signifies Eagle's ongoing commitment to consume less, emit less, and conserve more. It's a commitment that has already accounted for significant improvements.