Profit from The Eagle Advantage

The Eagle Advantage™ is exemplified by product details and manufacturing processes that add value, along with the broadest product line in the industry.

Why Choose Eagle as Your Foodservice Equipment Supplier? 

Product details set Eagle equipment apart. But there’s more to The Eagle Advantage™ than just the product details. Specialized design expertise and manufacturing processes also add value to each product.  Product Details start as ideas…. ideas that become part of entirely new products or improvements to existing ones.  Our Design Engineering staff, using the latest computerized tools, takes these ideas to reality in a way that assures they’ll work best — and can be manufactured to the highest standard at the lowest cost.  This is a tightrope performance that’s ultimately reflected in greater customer value.

How do you Profit from the Eagle Advantage?  We have more than 17,000 ways to lower your costs and increase your profit.  We manufacture the broadest array of foodservice equipment in the United States, — over 16,000 products.  So you can order an entire array of equipment with one purchase order, to arrive on a single truck (if that’s the way you want it), delivered right to your loading dock or job site. No waiting for this or that piece from this or that manufacturer. No multiple purchase orders and multiple payment terms.  

The Eagle Advantage can save you up to 12% in administrative, freight, receiving and installation costs. That’s 12% that flows directly to the bottom line!

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