Eagle Group

Clayton, Del., May 21, 2008

Eagle Foodservice Equipment announces the introduction of new Panco® cook-and-hold cabinets. These cabinets are designed to deliver improved efficiency and durability for the demanding requirements of commercial foodservice operations, including the ability to cook and hold menu items up to 24 hours.

Made with type 300 stainless steel interior and exterior walls, every Panco® cabinet features an engineered airflow design that delivers uniform convection heating, as well as a triple wall-insulated cabinet body for superior heat retention. The cabinets can cook at temperatures from 100 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and hold at temperatures from 145 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The top-mounted digital control panel on every Panco® cook-and-hold unit features an easy-touch keypad with high-visibility LCD character readout. Users can pre-set memory for up to 16 programs. Digital temp settings convert effortlessly from Fahrenheit to Celsius through a simple toggle command. Units are available with 208 volt or 240 volt. Menu items can be cooked using either time or temperature probe parameters, with the unit automatically changing to "holding" mode when the cooking parameters have been met.

Other key features of Panco® units designed to optimize usability and efficient performance include precise humidity regulation via a digital humidity controller plumbed directly to the water supply. Cabinet doors feature a positive closing latch, and can swing open 180 degrees for easy access to trays and food contents. The door-open orientation is easily reversible in the field to conform to any changes in your back-of-the-house layout. Full-perimeter bumpers with non-marking polymer-coated corners ensure easy portability along with protecting cabinet functionality and appearance.

New Panco® cook-and-hold cabinets are available in full sizes, 75 1/2 inches high for a double door unit or 74 inches high for a single door unit, and half size at 47 inches high. All units conform to the very latest NSF and UL 197 Rev 9 standards for commercial foodservice equipment.

For more information on Panco® cook-and-hold cabinets from Eagle Foodservice Equipment, contact Lynda Donavon (ext. 3027) with sales inquiries or the Marketing Department (ext. 3129) with inquiries pertaining to marketing support. Telephone: 800-441-8440 or 302-653-3000. Fax: 302-653-2065.

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