Eagle Group

Clayton, Del., July 15, 2011

This unique Ozone Prep Station creates a great, compact work area to prep beef, fish or fowl. Paired with an optional, wall-mounted ozonated water system, employees can spray down the work surface after prep work killing 99.9% of bacteria on contact. That makes it easy to transition between food products. Choose from 1 or 2 sink bowls; they can be located on either side of the cutting surface. For a complete package, multiple cutting boards store within reach, and you can opt for a wall-mounted scale shelf and knife rack. Together with scrap troughs for waste disposal, the Ozone Prep Station makes it easy to prep assorted items with minimal interruption between finishing one job, cleaning up, and being ready for the next job.

For more details on the Ozone Prep Station, contact Lynda Donavon (ext. 3027) with sales inquiries or Eagle’s Marketing Department (ext. 2706) with inquiries pertaining to marketing support. Telephone: (800) 441-8440 or (302) 653-3000. Fax: (302) 653-2065.