Eagle Group
Clayton, Del., August 21, 2006

New Snap-n-Slide™ wire wall shelves from Eagle provide an easy, effortless way to increase wall storage availability above sinks, tables and other restaurant equipment. Eagle’s unique, patent-pending design incorporates a heavy-duty wire shelf that slides onto wire mounting brackets.

The ingenious design of Snap-n-Slide™ wire shelves allows foodservice operators the freedom to position shelves anywhere on the wall brackets, without the need for fasteners or tools. Simply mount the brackets to the wall first ... then slip the shelf over the tabs where it will rest securely on the brackets. The brackets can be mounted directly to wall studs, thereby allowing the shelf to be adjustable on the brackets. Because of this design, no wall backing is required.

The open-wire construction of Eagle Snap-n-Slide™ wire wall shelves allows for maximum air circulation, too. The shelves are offered in a variety of long-life finishes including chrome, Valu-Gard® epoxy, and high-performance EAGLEgard® epoxy. Shelves are 12 inches wide, and are available in a choice of lengths ranging from 24 inches to 72 inches.

In addition to wire models, Snap-n-Slide™ shelves made of heavy-gauge stainless steel are also available from Eagle – offering the same degree of space-maximizing functionality in a solid shelf.

For more details on new Snap-n-Slide™ wire wall shelves, contact Lynda Donavan (ext. 3027) with sales inquiries, or Eagle’s Marketing Department (ext. 3129) with inquiries pertaining to marketing support. Telephone: (800) 441-8440 or (302) 653-3000. Fax: (302) 653-2065.

Web Site: www.eaglegrp.com

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