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BlendPort Products
An Economical Solution

As you are aware, our world continues to evolve and requires us to look at different opportunities as they relate to our businesses.  With this said, U.S.-based manufacturing in the foodservice equipment industry cannot compete with imported products that have little to no technical differentiation and revolve mostly around the words "commodity product".

Eagle Group, for years, did not import products of this nature and made every attempt to compete with U.S.-based manufacturing.  Although now, commodity sales volume of this type of product has been transitioned to the imported models over the last five to ten years, and now presents a formidable challenge for U.S. manufacturers and distributors to maintain competitiveness.

Eagle Group has decided to create a new division of "BlendPort Products" utilizing import opportunities from various ports of call.  These products are priced competitively for your cash & carry needs, and are in-stock for immediate shipment.

Remember, when buying imports always try to buy from U.S.-based manufacturers who can make sure the product is inspected, can make minor modifications and can combine your shipment with other U.S. manufactured items, for savings in freight and administration fees, and warranty protection within the brand's established service agencies. The real cost of imported products must include ensuring our customer's satisfaction.

BlendPort products include:

  • - Fabricated compartment sinks 
  • BPFE Series - no crossbracing, galvanized legs and gussets 
  • BPFC Series - with crossbracing, stainless steel legs and gussets

  • - Tables
  • EL Series - 18 gauge type 430 with flat top, galvanized legs and gussets
  • FL series - 18 gauge type 430 with upturn, galvanized legs and gussets
  • KL Series - 18 gauge type 430 with backsplash, galvanized legs and gussets
  • SL Series -18 gauge type 430 with flat top, stainless steel legs and gussets
  • ET Series - 20 gauge type 430 with flat top, galvanized legs and gussets

Spec Sheets:
Description                                           Spec Sheet #
BlendPort BPFE Series Economy Sinks           BP100.1
BlendPort BPFC Series Economy Sinks          BP100.2
BlendPort EL Series Economy Tables              BP100.4
BlendPort FL Series Economy Tables              BP100.5
BlendPort SL Series Economy Tables              BP100.6
BlendPort KL Series Economy Tables              BP100.7