Eagle Group

SpecFAB® Work Teams

Our SpecFAB® Division is made up of six teams which are organized to meet the precise needs of our customers:

Quotations - Using the latest AutoQuotes and SpecQUOTES software, we turn around project quotes quickly and efficiently - usually 72 hours or faster.  E-mail us at [email protected] to get started.

Customer Service - Once you receive your quotation, our Customer Service team will assist you with any questions or requests pertaining to your quote or purchase order.  E-mail [email protected].

Submittals - Based on your requirements, drawings will be prepared using the latest AutoCAD software, and forwarded to you. Upon final approval, we can record all drawings to CD format for your reference files.

Design & Layout - Using the latest software, your custom fabricated equipment is designed. These personnel also serve as your technical support team.

Chains & Projects - This team spearheads and handles projects pertaining to chain accounts, as well as large projects such as sports stadiums. The entire breadth of SpecFAB's resources are engaged to ensure effective project management, final staging and consolidation, shipping and delivery.

Select Services Group - This team provides quick-response (24-48 hour) turnaround for the following complimentary services:

Shelf Select™ design & layout service
Spec-Bar Select™ underbar design & layout service
Uni-Wall™ concession counters