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Pizza Dough Box Rack - Panco®
Pizza Dough Box Rack: Heavy duty all-aluminum welded frame construction with solid top. Frame and supports: 1" square aluminum tubing. Crossbracing runs side-to-side and front-to-back on top and bottom of unit. Tray slides: extruded aluminum angle 1 7/16" high x 1 7/8" wide x .068" thick bearing surface with two raised beads to minimize friction. Slides are riveted to frame. Casters: 5" diameter non-marking swivel stem casters with polymer tread. Shipped assembled. Pizza Dough Box and Cover (sold separately): Made of durable thermoplastic. Stackable design. 12 per carton.
Model #Description
A20850617 3/4" x 25 3/4" x 3" pizza dough box, 46 lbs. weight per dozen.
A20851317 3/4" x 25 3/4" cover, pizza dough box rack, 14 lbs. weight per dozen.
OUR-DB-7A21" x 26 3/4" x 35" pizza dough box rack - panco, 3 3/4" sliding space, 7 box capacity.