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Mobile Prep Table
One, of the three cutting boards provided, can be affixed onto the units raised surface, which is surrounded by slanted surfaces for ease of drainage. Cutting boards store within easy reach at the user’s left, and a knife rack is conveniently attached at the right. The rear trough accommodates two half-size stainless steel perforated pans.
Model #Description
MPT304214 gauge type 304 stainless steel solid surface, surrounded by tapered drainage system for positive drainage. Full-length 10"-wide x 3 1/2"-deep rear trough, creased to drain for positive drainage. Raised rolled edges on rear and both ends. 3-bay poly cutting board holder at left. Knife rack at right accommodates knives with blades up to 12�"-long. 5�"-diameter heavy duty poly swivel casters, with all wheels having brakes. 22-gallon removable waste tank, with drain and wide mouth top. Two perforated 4�"-deep half-size pans. Each of the three poly cutting boards are color-coded per type of food to be prepared, helping to prevent cross
contamination): Red for raw meats, blue for raw fish, and green for salad and fruit products.