Eagle Group
At Eagle, we don't just talk about quality. We've established the industry's first and only Ten-point Quality System to ensure that you receive the best-designed, best-made equipment.

A look at what makes up our 10-point Quality System proves how serious we are about quality and accuracy:

  • We design our equipment to meet and exceed the most stringent health codes.
  • Every Eagle product design is prototyped.
  • We do first-article inspection and testing - in-house, in real-time.
  • We manufacture in one location, optimizing efficiencies and quality control.
  • We've automated key manufacturing functions such as bowl drawing and polishing for ultra-consistency - including adopting the very latest robotic technologies.
  • We quarantine and sample-inspect all purchased components, such as motors.
  • We test all electrical and plumbing installations.
  • Each Eagle order undergoes a final inspection prior to shipping.
  • All order contents are reviewed and confirmed prior to shipping.
  • We custom-crate and box all equipment to minimize shipping damage.