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HFL-5000 Touch Free Handwashing System
Eagle hand sink model #HSA-10-FE-B-T-NB-MG with MICROGARD antimicrobial protection. Kimberly-Clark hard roll towel dispenser with SaniTouch mechanical touchless technology for one-at-a-time dispensing. Eagle part #377454. Use Kleenex #50606 or Scott #02000 towel roll. T&S electronic eye faucet, splash mounted with battery-saving hydro-generator power source. A LEED-friendly combination with the flow of water creating its own power source. Eagle part #369865. Purell/LTX hand sanitizing dispenser. Eagle part #377455. Gojo/LTX hand soap dispenser. Eagle part #377456. FoodHandler glove rack for single service gloves. Eagle part #352855. Tucel soft bristle white nail brush. Model #1832. Eagle part #348602.
Model #Description
HFL-5000Touch free handwashing system includes handsink with Microgard antimicrobial protection, stainless steel trash receptacle, towel dispenser, T&S electronic eye faucet, Hand sanitizing dispenser, hand soap dispenser, nail brush and glove rack for single service gloves.
HFL-5000-LRShand sink with waste receptacle and end splashes
HFL-5000-Shand sink with skirt (no waste receptacle)